Garbage Collection And Roll off Dumpsters in New Orleans

                                730 S. Pierce St. N.O., LA 70119                          504-224-6670      

I have decided to get back into the waste business after five years of being gone. Since we provided affordable, timely waste services and great customer service to the business owners and their management they asked me numerous times for us to return because of the lack of service they have received with missed pickups, dirty smelly cans, broken lids that lead to rodent issues and terrible customer service. We were the first and only company that cleaned the French Quarter to a Disney World like clean and made it smell lemony fresh.

We are happy and eager to provide the 5 star service that we did in the past once again. My team consists of some of my best original employees from ten years ago. We will have all new trucks, equipment and our signature lemon scent Super Fresh.  The accountability and transparency will be available for all customers through our technology and GPS tracking on each truck. Every customer will have a unique geo-code that allows us to know exactly when the truck makes the pickup or when the truck will be at the location. We pride ourselves on using technology to make us accountable for delivering the highest level of service. 

After five years of being out of the business we would be honored and are looking forward to servicing you again. We guarantee that you will be serviced on time, cleaned monthly, same day service repairs and no more smelly cans. We would be proud to be your trash provider again and will guarantee better service at a lower cost. IV Waste, L.L.C. will begin service on August 1, 2016. Please call to schedule your service today.

Truly Yours,

Sidney D. Torres IV